Marketing Plan

If you are planning to sell your home in the Fraser Valley area make sure you use a real estate agent that employs a FULL SERVICE marketing plan. More than 90% of today's home buyers will search for a new home on the internet whether they are using a Realtor or not. Therefore, it is crucial that your realtor is up-to-date on current internet strategies to exposing your home worldwide.


...Promoting your home on the internet is not the way of the future, it's the way of today!


While newer, non-traditional methods are very important to getting your home sold, older, more traditional methods are still valid and must be incorporated into a well balanced marketing plan. The Lunders Real Estate Team will promote your home with a truly unique marketing approach that focuses on newer, non-traditional methods while still including older, more traditional methods.

To get your home sold quickly and for the highest amount of money the market will pay, you must have a Realtor who is current with today's technologies. When you hire The Lunders Real Estate Team to sell your home, we will utilize the following methods according to your needs.

Feature Your Home On our Website

Your home will be listed as a featured listing on our homepage which receives hndreds of visitors every month. While many Buyers like to visit to begin their home search, a large group of prospective buyers find it much simpler to go straight to Google and search exactly what they're looking for.


Professionally Photograph Your Home

A picture is worth a thousand words! Your home will be professionally photographed with digital touch-ups to ensure your home looks its best. If you've shopped or researched anything online before, not just homes, then you know how important a great picture is. Don't settle for amateur photography or even 'no photography' in some cases. MLS will allow a maximum of 20 pictures, and we will make sure they are all posted, but many more pictures will be promoted online in order to give your prospective buyers a better overall feel for your home. The importance of having great photos cannot be stressed enough as they will be promoted throughout most of your home's marketing plan.


Feature Professional Virtual Tours Of Your Home

Virtual tours are a great way to give home buyers a different look at the focal rooms of your house. They will allow the buyer to have a 360 degree view of your home's most appealing rooms. These tours will be available


Social Network Exposure

The Lunders are very active in online social networks and nowadays, you would be hard pressed to find someone who isn't involved in some way, shape or form. Facebook, for example has over a billion active users and growing everyday. Through LinkedIN, Facebook,Google, The Lunders Real Estate Team shares current real estate information, relevant articles, videos, house listings, open houses, etc. On Facebook, your listing will also be promoted (paid promotion) reaching 1000s of extra potential buyers. These platforms provide for an easy way to keep in touch, build trust, and simply network with huge groups of people. Yet one more avenue to promote your listing!


Install A Sign

The Lunders will have a "For Sale" sign installed on your property. This will let all neighbours and people driving-by know that your house is for sale. This is exactly what we want. Neighbours often have a friend or a relative interested in moving into the area.

E-mail Buyer Prospects

Over time, The Lunders Real Estate Team has created a database of hundreds of buyer prospects. Every potential buyer in our database will receive an email with your listing information and a link to your listing on our website to view more information.


Provide High Quality Colour Feature Sheets

We will provide high quality colour feature sheets for buyers to take away with them after visiting your home. These feature sheets will show off your home's best assets through photos and descriptions.


Provide A Lockbox 

The Lunders will provide a lockbox near your front door to provide easy access for home buyers and their real estate agents. Allowing prospective buyers to explore your home freely will greatly improve your chances of success. When homeowners are home during a showing, some buyers might not feel as comfortable exploring your home. They might feel intimidated and/or embarassed to discuss your home's attributes aloud. We want to make sure every potential buyer feels comfortable in your home and allowing them to inspect your home in your absence is another great step towards getting your home sold.